Doctor Gilman is a perfectionist; if she does something, it's good down to the last little thing. She takes great pride in being an accomplished professional; her knowledge of the dental medicine is both profound and universal. I'm an engineer, and it also occurs to me that the doctor's actually got an engineering aptitude: her ability to see the treatment in progress, plan for it, match the materials, and implement the solution would fit well where I apply myself. I wasn't very careful with my oral hygiene in my crazy young years; now, Dr. Gilman has managed to restore the ancient ruins in my mouth to both sightly and functional condition: a number of fillings, two crowns, the bridge, and the partial denture to close the gap where my jaw was broken long time ago, they all are of an exceptional quality. I can comfortably chew on the right side of my mouth again!

First and foremost, she's a very warm, fun, and caring person. I highly recommend Dr. Gilman to anyone.

-- Yury M., Palo Alto, CA


Angela and I would like to thank you for your outstanding professionalism and for the exceptionally high quality of your dentistry.

Having moved around a lot I know that finding a good dentist is not always easy. Unfortunately that experienced was reinforced when we moved to Redwood City 18 months ago. The first dentist we found appeared to be more interested in our insurance policy rather than our dental care.

Luckily we got to hear about your practice and, after a thorough initial exam, confidently made the switch to your care. We have been extremely pleased ever since. You took the trouble to explain the treatment plan in detail to an extent that I felt part of the process. It is also evident that you will not accept second best taking a clear pride in your workmanship. Finally I was also impressed in your follow-up contact making sure that everything after my treatment was OK. All in all, I count myself lucky to have you as my dentist and, although it would be an exaggeration to say that I looked forward to the treatment sessions, I can say that I was always confident of nothing but the best outcome.

-- Kevin Y., Redwood Shores, CA


This is an amazing dental practice!

You can lounge back in the dentist chair with a tranquil river forest scene and watch for the passing deer and bird life.. the perfect environment to calm the nervous.

After 3 failed attempts to fix one little tooth I went to Ms Gilman who did an exceptional job by using techniques I didn't find in the other 3 dentists. Honesty and patience. These human qualities combined with her brilliant dental work is why she deserves 5 stars.

-- Kathy R., Belmont, CA