Call from 650-453-3212

Got a call from 650.453.3212 ?

posted Jul 27, 2017, 8:42 PM by Stanley Gambarin

Please be aware that our old fax number (650.453.3212) was spoofed (faked) and used in variety of 
scam and advertising schemes. We have contacted our phone provider and requested a change of the
phone number (so that above number no longer works).

However, the caller ID database, which is used to display caller id information is not under control of 
the phone company and may take several weeks to update (to not list Gilman Dental for the above 
phone number).

If you received a phone call from above phone number, please hang up and file a complaint with FCC
by calling them at 888.225.5322, or online

Gilman Dental Group.

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